Aziatix Releases the Olympic Themed Single “Ready, Set, Go!”

With the 2012 Summer Olympics slated to kick off later this week, Aziatix has released a new project single called “Ready, Set, Go” in honor of the occasion. A music video was unveiled to coincide with the single, though the crew doesn’t make an appearance and instead we are treated to witnessing the creation of the awesome album art. The song (and instrumental) is available on iTunes (sorry non iOS folk).

Purchase: iTunes

Performed by AZIATIX Composed by: Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee, Jae Chong Lyrics by: Jay “Flowsik” Pak, Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee, Jae Chong Produced by Jae Chong Arranged by: Jae Chong Video directed by : MINIsTREE (Oh, Min) @ MUSICCUBE, INC.

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