Worst Ever: Davichi’s Lyric Writers

Korean KPOP group Davichi is one of those talented, slighly underrated groups that have the skills but not quite the infectious star quality that so many lesser talented succesful singers have. Yea, reading that back it made no sense but whatever.

Anyways, I generally enjoy their songs. They aren’t really amazing but definitely enjoyable. Their newest song is no different… that is until you get to the English parts and it makes you think “Wait, WTF are they saying?”

You see… it’s complete and utter gibberish. Like taking something and running it through google translator and using that as your final version. What’s even worse, they chose to highlight the English in their music video.

“You got feel my man”

“I got you not a friend, gonna be you be cry”

Sure, whatever you say. I think Bi must have wrote their lyrics.

4 thoughts on “Worst Ever: Davichi’s Lyric Writers

  1. Most of the lyrics that are actually shown on the screen are wrong. They are actually singing “I got you not a friend, gonna be you be fine,” and there’s a lot of grammatical errors in the text on screen that aren’t in the actual lrics, but yeah even the real lyrics are very Engrishy.

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