Paul Dateh makes album available for DL

Paul Dateh announced via his website that he will be releasing his album, one single a week, for the next ten weeks. It’s a great opportunity to pick up his album even if you’re short on change.

Read the details after the break:

Hey everyone,

My debut album is now available for purchase! You can get physical copies at CD Baby, and digital copies at iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all other digital retailers.

However, you may remember a while back when I said that if you really want to get the album, but just don’t have enough cash, I wouldn’t punish you for it.

So, I’m making the following announcement today: Over the next ten weeks, I’ll be giving my album away for free, one song at a time. Also, as we go through the album, I’ll be giving you background info on each song.

So, let’s get everything started! The first track on the album is “Be More”, produced by Oren Yoel (you may already know of Oren from his production work on Asher Roth’s current debut album). So, what are you waiting for? Click the download link below to make “Be More” yours today!

“Be More”
written & performed by Paul Dateh & Oren Yoel
Download Here

That’s it for now. I’ll see you back here next week with song number two!

Best wishes to you and yours,

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