WTF: Andrew Choi x Reena – Misery

For this edition of WTF I thought we could go back few years, when an indie label called Soul’d Out existed and was based out of the NY area. The label consisted of Andrew Choi, Reena, Francesca, and a band called The Ides (formerly known as Groove Therapy).

I’m not really too sure what happened to all the members of the label after they all disbanded, although I do know Andrew Choi is still doin his thing in NY, albeit under the radar. But regardless, I thought it would be worth it to share one of my favorite tracks from that time, entitled ‘Misery’. It features Andrew Choi & Reena on the vocals, backed by The Ides.

Here is a clip of them performing it live.

They are fantastic artists and hope to hear more from all of them again in the future. Good music never dies.

Link for the video & mp3 is after the jump!

Get it HERE.

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