a-Tunes News: The List has been updated

The List (a running collection of Asian American artists worth checking out) has finally been updated.

Here are some of the recent additions:

Acoustic & Rock: Paul Dateh, Vienna Teng, Zee Avi, Kina Grannis, Tim Te Told, Jennifer Chung, the Nehemiah Band, Susie Suh, Willie Moon

Hip Hop: dumbfoundead, illmind, jimmyboi, Deep Foundation, J Reyez, Bambu, Sam Geunjin Kang, JL, Taiyo Na

R&B: Erika David, Calista Wu, Olivia Thai, Heather Park, Jae Jin, Bella, Rin on the Rox, Jessi Malay, Ashley Robles, Olivia Thai, Natalise, Sophia Moon, Ramiele Maluby, Sam Ock

I know I’ve been terrible in regularly updating the List as I come across new artist so I’ll try to stay on top of that.

Am I missing anyone?


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