Jin to Return to the Battle Circuit & Debut on Grind Time!

Check it, if you’ve been following the noise on the web the past 24 hrs you’d know that rumors were heating up about Jin making his return to the rap battle scene, specfically Grind Time.

Yesterday, I first saw this tweet from dumbfounded saying:

Just got an email from Jin with a video attached that involves grind time, haven’t seen it yet cause I’m on the road but stay tuned

Then this morning I wake up and see this headline on AR about how Dizaster is calling out Jin:

So what happens next? Jin posts up a response to youtube!

He’s accepted the challenge given three conditions:

  1. The Battle’s gotta be in LA
  2. Unlimited time rounds
  3. He gets to battle Illmaculate on the same day

If this happens, looks like it’s going down in November. We’ll keep you updated! Remember, you read it first at a-Tunes!

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