Rain (Bi) Interview w/ CNN

International celebrity Rain had an interview a couple days ago with CNN.

I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but you can do so over at OMGKPOP.

Here’s their recap of the interview:

In the interview, Rain says that his mom passed away when he was 18 and she always wished him to study. But, due to Michael Jackson’s influence, Rain always wanted to dance. He said he regrets not giving her what she wanted.

The interview also includes the hard path to becoming a celebrity. He revealed that he got rejected from 12 auditions because of his looks. He then thanked JYP for making a lot of his dreams and goals a possibility.

When asked about winning the Times 2007 “Most Influential Person” award, he said he was surprised and that it opened up his gates towards Hollywood.

I just wonder when he’s going to try to make the move from movies back to music and debut here in the states. Sure we’ve given him a hard time before but in the end I do want him to succeed.


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