Sam Ock x J. Han x CL Form a New Group – AMP

Christian musicians Sam Ock, J. Han (formerly known as Katalist), and CL (no not the leader of KPOP group 2NE1) have joined forces to form a new group called AMP (like the energy drink). AMP is an acronym for Anointed Music Productions. It seems like a natural progression since all the members frequently worked with each other in the past. Semi-cheesy name aside, the group has a diverse collection of talent so it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

If you’re interested you can pick up their self titled EP here for $5.

Tracklist after the jump!

  1. Hello Hummingbird
  2. Never Change
  3. Running  
  4. See You in Heaven  
  5. The Vision
  6. Abandon (feat. Shine)

I’ve heard most of the tracks before and personally recommend ‘Never Change’ & ‘Running’.

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