WTF: Brian’s English Tracks from “Manifold”

Korean American KPOP singer of the now defunct Fly to the Sky and rising solo artist released his second solo album at the end of 2009. Entitled ‘Manifold’, the album took Brian in a very current, pop friendly direction. As I was listening to it I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had included english versions to three of the songs as bonus tracks at the end of the album.

The tracks that he re-recorded in english are:

  1. Do It (Move It English Ver.) 
  2. Tears Run Dry (눈물이 마르면… English Ver.) 
  3. Bullet (English Ver.)

Of the three tracks, ‘Do It’ & ‘Bullet’ are the more upbeat numbers. The production is pretty solid on both tracks but I think ‘Do It’ is the superior song. It’s pretty catchy and has a great beat. ‘Tears Run Dry’ is a pop-ballad really similar to the stylings of Nick Lachey… you know, pop soft-rock. Brian sounds great on it but I’m not gonna front and say it’s not a little bit sappy. ‘Bullet’ has a great beat with a catchy synth but I think the writing is pretty bad. It’s just a lot of cliches and full of corny imagery. It’s fun to listen to if you don’t pay too much attention haha.

Anyways all three tracks are available for you as this Week’s Thursday Freebie.

Interested? You know where to find the link!

Get it HERE.

If you’re feeling it, support the dude and pick up the album.

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