Dumbfoundead Releases the ‘Jam Session 2.0’

I love it when musicians push the boundaries of their art and create something new and fresh using new mediums and formats. That’s exactly what dumbfoundead and company have done with ‘Jam Session 2.0’.

Dumbfoundead is joined by Esna Yoon, Herbal T (who rips it in the latino languages), CAV3 on the MPC, Tio on the guitar, DJ Zo on the tables, Lukas on the keys and Chris Hong on the bass. This is what music is all about. It’s an awesome, moody, jazzy track and its hard to find a single fault with it. Props to everyone involved and let’s hope theres more releases like this in the near future. Easily one of my favorite tracks of the new year so far. Best of all, you can get it as a free DL too!

A message from Brian
Concept was inspired by the amazing Galt MacDermot and his song called “Coffee Cold”. While I was in college, Handsome Boy Modeling (Prince Paul and Dan the Automator ) flipped it with J-Live and Roisin Murphy from Moloko and called it “The Truth”. Go check out all those versions. Know your history. 

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