WTF: Organic Thoughts – The Purest Form

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Thursday Freebie!

Back in 2004 the hip-hop group Organic Thoughts released the album The Purest Form and helped become one of the first Asian rap groups to get major distribution (I picked up my copy from the local Best Buy). The group has gone through some member changes and seem to be on an indefinite hiatus. At the time of this album, the members were Diwrekt, Fraze, Onpoynt, Reason, and El Gambina (an ill femcee), but also heavily featured Illmind and Tonio.

I wouldn’t consider the album a “classic” but I will say it’s pretty strong. But more than anything it’s influential and something of a trailblazer for AA hip-hop. The album has some great features including the legendary Large Professor. Organized Konfusion, Uniq, Chan, Eyesoulated Mindz, the Mountain Brothers, and Andrew Choi were also present and representing.

It’s a pretty jam packed release, and I recommend you check out this piece of AA music history. It may still be available on iTunes, and if it is and you’re feeling it, I encourage you to purchase it, or at least the tracks you’re digging.

Anyway, track list and link are after the break!

  1. Intro (Who’s This?)
  2. Check the Flow
  3. World Renowned (feat. Large Professor)
  4. Hypnotic Travellin
  5. No1 Can Rise Above Me
  6. Higher Degree
  7. Get Fonkee (interlude)
  8. Bad Reception
  9. Next Levelists
  10. Soul Movement
  11. Done Wit Dat (interlude)
  12. Be Alright (feat. Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion & Uniq)
  13. Renaissance
  14. No Options (feat. Chan)
  15. Everything Must Change (feat. Slo-Mo & Mush Mouf of Eyesoulated Mindz)
  16. Jazzbox (interlude)
  17. Get it Right (feat. Peril-L of the Mountain Brothers)
  18. All Too Easy (feat. Uniq)
  19. Bonus: Tell Me Now (feat. Andrew Choi)
  20. Bonus: Unthinkable

Get it HERE.

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