Jennifer Chung Releases New Original – ‘Despite It All’

The youtube darling, Ms Jennifer Chung has released a new original called ‘Despite It All’. I found the writing to be very poignant and intriguing (I can tell she’s growing a lot of a lyricist) but I’m kind of lukewarm to the song itself. Bear in mind the audio quality is playing a pretty big factor in that since it’s mixed weirdly and has a ton of reverb but in addition to that I didn’t feel the connection I typically do with her songs.

But I should also admit I am very, very tired right now so take what I say with a grain of salt =).

Everyday I learn more and more how flawed I truly am. Even though I love my family and friends more than I could ever express, I can’t promise I won’t ever do anything that will hurt them. The same goes for them. When their words or actions hurt me, I can’t disqualify their love immediately. That’s the nature of sin. It doesn’t mean we give up on the ones we love, and the ones that love us. Love is battlefield. We don’t fall in love with people and come out of it the same person. The ones we love challenge us and make us better.

We have to love each other despite it all.

Lyrics after the break.

Music & Lyrics by Jennifer Chung
Copyright 2010

Everyone makes mistakes,
But we also do some good.
That’s the risk we take
To know which friends are here for good.

I will let you down, I’m sure.
I got a lot of work to do, and more.

Could you love me despite it all,
All these scars?
Because these very cursed things are what got me this far.
I am willing to change, and I’m ready to grow.
Just say you’ll love me despite it all,
And then show, that your word is good.

People tend to come and go,
But I’d rather that you stay.
‘Cause if there’s one thing I know,
Where there’s a will there is a way.

You will let me down, I’m sure.
We got a lot of work to do, and more.

I could love you despite it all,
All your scars.
Besides, those very cursed things
Are what got you this far.
Are you willing to change?
Are you ready to grow?
I’ll say I’ll love you despite it all, and then show,
That my word is good.

Show you that my word is good.
Show you that my love is good.

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