Sam Ock Performance of ‘Starry Nights’ at Inspire 10

Thew Inspire crew has posted up another performance form their 2010 event. This time it’s east coast singer/songwriter/AMP member Sam Ock. He’s singing an original entitled ‘Starry Night’, focusing on the quiet, late night hours when people tend to be the most honest with themselves and with God. I like the sound of the song but I thought the verses were much better executed than the chorus. The greatest thing I can appreciate about Sam’s voice is that it always has a sense of honesty to it.

Lyrics after the break.

tonight’s another night to see the glory of it all
the wonders of my mind are painted on the sky above
the beauty of the stars i fail to see in the morning
i find my thoughts start to drift

and why can’t i be there with You?
i patiently wait for Your call
as long as i am here this day
the starry night says it all

**i see You when the night falls
but when the sun comes up, You always fade away
it’s You, when the night falls
but when the sun comes up, You always fade away

and when the sun sets i feel my heart start to sink
i feel the guilt wash over me
my true reflection, man i don’t even want think
but then you come to comfort me

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