WTF: Phil Good – I’m In Love

Wassup folks? Sorry for missing last week, things were crazy busy but  we’re back with another Weekly Thursday Freebie.

This one’s a throwback from a few years back by R&B artist Phil Good. He’s hasn’t been very active lately (at least on a public, online level) though I’ve heard some new material second hand. This guy is an incredible singer with a soulful voice and in the middle part of last decade he dropped an honest, beautiful song simple titled “I’m In Love”. One listen and I think you’ll be won over as a fan too. I’m not completely sure what he’s up to now, or if he plans to start releasing more music soon. It really is a shame his music is rare and hard to find.

So with that I hope you can enjoy this short, simple, and sweet sample of the singer known as Phil Good.

You can find the DL link after the jump!

Grab “I’m In Love” HERE.

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