D-Pryde Drops New Single – “Take Off”

It’s been interesting to see D-Pryde develop as an artist. He’s really grown into his own style and held his own against MC’s a lot older. The young rapper has dropped a new single entitled ‘Take Off’ and it’s pretty nice, auto-tuned hook and all. One thing that D-Pryde always brings to the track is tenacity and this is no different. Have a listen:

Let’s take off people. You ready?

I put a lot of passion into writing this one. Both heart-felt and anger driven lines. I didn’t want to go too hardcore with wordplayish with this. I had to make it simple for every audience to hear, so check it. I wanted to surprise ya’ll with something. Check it out.

This is the new single I got locked for my next mixtape…not titled yet. No release date yet, I’ma keep ya’ll posted. But here you go. My first song in a while with 3 full verses and a hook. Check it out. NHB and UBER GANG! I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

And yes, the track is available for free DL, so click away if you’d like this one on your playlist.

Source: ChannelAPA

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