Scooter Oyama Performance at Inspire ’10 Posted

Scooter Oyama brought his band of acoustic hip-hop to this year’s Inspire event and his performance has finally been posted up. I realy like his mixing of styles though the rap vocals weren’t mixed right on the live stage, it was hard to make out a lot of what he was saying. His guitar skills are bananas though.

I think his music definitely deserves the studio treatment. Scooter is one of the more interesting artists I’ve come across in a while.

Lyrics after the break.


Theres something so right about love songs, but stick a bullet in my head if the loves gone
And all the rums gone, with all my clothes on, no more feelings but like modest mouse we float on
Maybe its time to right these love wrongs, give me a pad and pen to put my prose on, game on, me and you we got to stay strong, stay steady our love can recharge like we were eveready, heartbreaker is tom petty, but we are heart mending , transcending emotions, feelings, and all the happy endings not like a massage but baby like a séance
I know you all inside and out so we can play on.
Maybe me and you were too head strong we missed all the things in our hearts to make this love song ,but
We got one more chance to make it work, we got that good thing girl even though it hurts.

Can we still find a way to be
Put together when years pass like centuries
Feelings can fade like memories
Is this still love?
Is this still love?

Its times like these, no heat so my rhymes might freeze, trying to give us CPR but my soul cant breathe
Im choked up, thinking bout life if we broke up. Theres some deeper part of your body I might have soaked up
No touch, how is that gonna bring us closer maybe its time connect the dots like were supposed to
Dots like lips and connecting from the hips, its been some time since I gave your body worship, the first kiss, made me a new man like church did but now were under some kind of curse so lets reverse it
Unearth it, this love like a diamond and maybe if we find it our love can keep shining.


Well is it? Your talk turned to business, before all that sensitive s**t clouded my vision
But clearly now we sincerely can act ourselves, there aint no bells but baby you can call my cell, hell
Anytime and ill even hold the lines you can know all of my actions and even all my crimes I aint lying, but you already know that Im innocent, there aint no one but baby you can turn into it.
Sentences conclude with a period, but Ive been through that s**t many times and were not ending it
Were past roadblocks truck stops and tight bends, but if love is a journey is the goal still the end.

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