D-Pryde x Traphik x Dumbfoundead x Dyme-A-Duzin x Prince EA x Ahmir Release ‘Forever’ Remix MV

A few months back we reported about a huge collab between D-Pryde, Traphik, Dumb, Dyme-A-Duzin, Prince EA & Ahmir where they remixed the hit song ‘Forever’ originally by Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Kanye, and Eminem. They’ve finally dropped the official MV to the track and it’s an interesting listen. In terms of scope and scale, the entire project is a sizable accomplishment bringing together a bunch of talented artists that, in ways, comes close to the original. The video however, lacks cohesiveness and reveals the scattered collaborated nature of the song that was hidden in just the audio. With a mixture of different video sources and no clear direction the MV is well edited by uneven and sporadic. Understandable given the circumstances but it definitely hinders the experience.

Still though, it’s an enjoyable watch and fits the Youtube medium well. I found it humorous how D-Pryde mimics Em’s scene in the original video. How’d you guys like it?

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Source: ChannelAPA

Here it is ya’ll! The official music video to the youtube remix of “Forever” by your favorite youtube artists! If you didn’t and do not know, this song features heavily grown viral artists like:

Prince EA

You’ve waited for the video, and it’s here!
Sorry for the long wait guys. A lot of commotion was happening during the editing of the music video. File errors, computer crashes and re-dos of filming were mostly the problem, but at the end of the day, quittings wasn’t an option to satisfy all of you. Also, the video had to be pushed back for the video of Lil Crazed’s “Say Ah”, which was for a promotion reason.

On another note, Ahmir’s chorus was censored because of label reasons. They had to remove the “sh*t” out of their part in the song. The rest of the song is uncensored though.

All of us are deeply appreciated to have all of you wait for the video and here it is! Sorry for the long wait!

But that was then, and this is now.

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