Michelle Martinez Featured on The Bay Today

Bay Area singer Michelle Martinez was recently featured on a local cable channel show called The Bay Today. It’s set to air this weekend on KCSM Channel 17 for those of you in that area… of course that means nothing to the rest of us =). Thankfully she’s uploaded the short clip onto youtube for all of us to enjoy today. Fun fact about Michelle, she’s currently studying/working in broadcasting. Hopefully she’ll continue to transition to being more and more in front of the camera rather than behind it.

Profile of me on KCSM’s Show- “The Bay Today” – cable channel 17 in the Bay Area (Check your local listings if you live outside the Bay). This feature will be airing on Saturday’s show (March 27th, 2010). A big thank you to the show for featuring me.

Tune in every Saturday @ 4:30pm for “The Bay Today”!

Producer: Nathalie Vargas
Director of Photography: Nehemiah Mays
Editors: Nathalie Vargas, Hansel Vargas-Machuca, Mario Ayala
Music: Originals by Michelle Martinez (“Euphoria-ACOUSTIC”-instrumental & “Nobody But You”-instrumental)

Thank you guys so much for all the love you’ve shown. I’m so blessed to have your support! Debut album drops this June 2010, so stay tuned! YAAAAAY!

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