FM Releases Tour MV for ‘Girls on the Dance Floor’

It’s about time! FM didn’t exactly shoot a regular video for their mega hit song ‘Girls on the Dance Floor’ but this is the next best thing! They’ve compiled footage and shot the official tour MV. Check it out as they wild out in Vegas, set to their arguably most talented tune. I’m still hoping they’ll do a proper MV for the track but with all that’s going on in their careers I can understand if they need to move forward and drop their first major label album. Three fingers up!

One crazy night in Las Vegas with the Far East Movement while on tour.

from FM Blog – “We tour a grip so we wanted to give yall a real look at the Far East Movement we took a camera crew out to Las Vegas during our tour and a few crazy after parties that night.. performed the song and had the club djs play the song and captured the craziness. International Secret Agent style.”

Directed by: Ted Chung of Stampede Management
Edited by: Heather Silverman
Clothing: Orisue –
Label: Cherrytree/ Interscope Records

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