Joseph Vincent Sings New Original – “Random Thoughts”

Joseph Vincent has got a new original up and this one is called ‘Random Thoughts’. It’s an upbeat acoustic ditty and fairly catchy at that. The song  definitely has potential. If he goes into the studio and cleans it up I think it could be a real keeper. The melody is already starting to get stuck in my head. Only part I wasn’t really feeling was the abrupt ending.

Lyrics after the break.


Verse 1:
In my mind I see things changing just a simple way I can be free
From flowers to trees to mountain ranges can be anything I want to be
Travel to places that I’ve never seen, it almost just seems to real
Then you think of the person that you could have been and the feelings that you used to feel

Sometimes, i get lost in my free fall wonderin thoughts
And somethings just might not feel the same at all
Imagination, allows you to think outside the frame
and maybe you’ll see things oh, in a different way

The planets and stars and the space all around us wondering what’s out there
From the sky up above to the sea down below you’re dreaming it without a care
From making it big and living your dream your hoping that it’ll come someday
to get out your message and people will listen to everything you have to say


I’m searchin every corner of my mind
I know I’m not just wasting my time
Cause dreaming’s something that you should never take for granted if you want it you can have it
know that everything will be alright

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