April Chase Release Cover of “Can’t Believe It” by T-Pain

Bay area band April Chase has just posted up an old, much requested cover they did of the T-Pain single “Can’t Believe It”. I know what you’re thinking… what an odd choice of cover for a rock group but you know what? It oddly works! It has it’s own charm. Anyway if you’re liking it you can grab it as a free DL here. The quality isn’t the greatest but it’s a fun song to add to the collection.

We were fooling around in a garage after a recording sesh over a year ago. We posted this to our myspace for fun, people were digging it, then we took it off. EVER SINCE THEN, we’ve gotten so many requests to put it back up. So here it is! I love this song but we messed up so many times. haha well..enjoy!


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