The Nehemiah Band Releases MV for ‘Press Into You’

Last night, the Nehemiah Band premiered their debut MV for their single ‘Press Into You’, from the album Break of Dawn, on uStream. I caught some of it but the connection quality was a little bit lacking so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it. Well thankfully they’ve posted it up on youtube this morning.

After watching it in full, let me say it’s not exactly perfect but this is one of my favorite MV’s in quite some time.

I really liked how the group tried something fresh and different from your typical MV, and the acting was pretty decent. All the band members were present in some form or another and it all matched the feel of the song very well. A great video debut for TNB. I’m glad this one dropped.

Lyrics after the break.

Press into You
Michael Whang (2003)

Verse 1:
When my soul is empty
When there is no song to sing
When all I feel is nothing
When Im tired, when Im weak
I will seek to find
The author of my life

Chorus 1:
Its in times like this I can prove
My undying passion for You
When emotions run dry
When there is no holy cry
I will run.
Blindly, Ill press into You.

Verse 2:
When You seem so far
Like Youre deaf to this heart
When I feel so alone
And my soul begins to groan
I will close my eyes
For I dare not compromise my faith

Chorus 2:
Its in times like this the world will come
Tempt me to just give You up
Oh but Ive decided to trust
Completely in Your blood
I will run.
Blindly, Ill press into You

La da da da da da da…

I Love You
I Love You in the Sorrow

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