Dumbfoundead Drops New Single “Pushin”

Dumbfoundead previewed a track entitled “Pushin” a few weeks back where he collabed with a UK beatsmith. It sounded promising then and it honestly does’t fail to deliver now that it’s been released in it’s final form. It’s already become one of my favorite tracks from the rising MC. The video below features footage of him at the Paid Dues festival. Even better the song features some additional vocals by Clara Chung (though her contributions seem to be minor on this particular track). If you’re feeling the track as much as I am, be sure to grab it as a free DL.

As technology improves the distance between worlds continues to shrink.

I made this song with Katie a.k.a. Beatnik8, she’s a talented producer from London who is currently studying law. Despite having never met in person we decided to collaborate on a song.

We communicated entirely through youtube and this is the end result.

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