Tokimonsta’s Cosmic Intoxication EP Now Available

You heard the preview, but now you can finally get the real thing as Tokimonsta’s latest project, the Cosmic Intoxication EP is now available for digital download or vinyl. Unfortunately distribution information is a bit sparse at the moment, but it is available on iTunes for sure. If you’re looking for some new, progressive hip-hop production, support the girl and pick up this 7-track EP!

From her website:

It’s a prelude of many amazing things to come. All the tracks you guys enjoy will be released at some point soon as well, so I hope you stay posted with my releases. There is so much music you have yet to hear from me 🙂

As far as retailers
Your guess is as good as mine–google? Depending on where you are from in the world, it’s better to find a distributor in your own country.

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