Sophia Moon Releases MV for ‘Five Star Recovery’

Here’s the latest music video for Pop/R&B artist Sophia Moon. This is for the single ‘Five Star Recovery’ off her album Staring Back At Me, release in the fall of last year. She is supposed to be making a huge promotional push for the album this year and this is one of the first major releases from that project.

The song is one of the catchier numbers from the album and can get stuck in your head. I wasn’t a fan of the applause sfx in the bridge but I can see what she was trying to convey with that. It’s all about a woman that faces heartbreak but finds empowerment to move past it for the better. The video is clean and of pretty good quality though it seems like half of it is a shot of Sophia singing from a window balcony. An enjoyable watch though not particularly outstanding. All things considered, it’s a decent debut music video and we extend our congrats to Ms Moon and her team on the career milestone.

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