Jin Drops Tribute Song to Asian MC’s – ‘The A-List’

Jin, arguably the most well-known Asian-American MC, decided to drop a track in tribute of all the Asian MC’s he respects that are doing their thing right now. This song is in response to a list that was published by a blogger on their top 10 Greatest Asian MC’s list, where Jin made the cut at #1. It’s encouraging to see Jin give a nod to his fellow colleagues, or as his once famously said in a Freestyle battle “cause Game recognize game”. He spits over the instrumental to Drake’s “It’s Over”.

Here’s the complete list of rapper’s he shouted out on the track. Ill.

  1. Dumbfoundead
  2. Southstar
  3. Bambu
  4. Roscoe Umali
  5. Geologic (of Blue Scholars)
  6. apl.de.ap
  7. Far East Movement
  8. Snacky Chan
  9. Mountain Brothers
  10. Young Mac
  11. LS
  12. Reign
  13. Flowsik
  14. Shogunna
  15. Rook
  16. Lyrics Born
  17. Chuckie Akenz
  18. Kamikaze Grey
  19. Lil’ Crazed
  20. Lyricks
  21. Manifest
  22. Thai
  23. Decipher
  24. J. Reyez
  25. D-Pryde
  26. Johnnyphlo
  27. Demo (of D-League)
  28. Tantrum
  29. Traphik

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