Grady Releases Teaser Clip of the MV for “Dreamin”

Grady, an MC from SoCal also known for his work with the band Downbeat, is taking a big step and getting ready to drop the MV for his song ‘Dreamin’. It’s not as polished as something you’d see from WongFu, but the artistic direction has a lot of potential. I’m liking how he’s not going the typical route with straight shots and edits but is mixing photography and video. This one should drop in the near future, so we’ll keep ya posted!

names Grady, student by day, rappper by night? siiiiike. lets keep it simple. i’m just da daily dude on da grind tryna make some good vibin la musica for yo souls.

collab’d this project upp with the dude Calvin Lim from Pasadena Art Center.

(If you ever need photoshoots this is the dude to hit up!!! and if you need his contact info get at me via msg on youtube or what not, charges differently depending on what you want/need.)

be eaaaaaaaaasy, i ain’t no professional at this jank and this is my first time editing a vid clip so just enjoy and if you ain’t feelin it,
who said you hadda watch it?! exaaaaaaactly.

Lyrics after the break.

yo this girl was in my dreams
and it seemed
like it was a pixilated dream
cause i couldn’t seem
to figure out if her face nor could i ever place
a matching real life person to take her place
but every night she’d take my hand
lead me to a foreign land
like i was her only man
she the one who held the plans
only if i saw her face
then maybe just maybe i could just relate
and travel across the world
so that, i can just find this girl
then we can relate, see if we place
the depiction on our face
shit, i ain’t gon lie, that would be just great
but for now i’ll stay, dreaming till she leaves my place
as i wake up in my starry eyed glaze
lazy so i stay layed
chillin on my bed
thoughts of you inside my head
and as my day comes to an end
i can’t wait till i fall asleep to meet you in my dreams again

i see you in my dreams
every night it seems
my favorite place to be
is here in this dream
where you at in my life?
where you at after night?
i’m tryna find a light
i’m tryna find you
cause i need somebody else to
share these feelings with, someone like you
i can’t seem to find,
can’t seem to bind
any picture of you from my mind

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