WTF: Clara Chung – Offbeat (Live at ProjectKorea III 4-3-2010)

Welcome to your Weekly Thursday Frebie! We have a very special download for you today. Hopefully many of you know who Clara Chung is by now. She did win Kollaboration after all. And you may have read our coverage of the ProjectKorea III event held a few weeks back, featuring Clara as one of the acts where she performed a number of songs including her awesome single ‘Offbeat’. Well you know we wouldn’t go to the show and not bring you guys back something, so we lugged some recording gear along and captured this gem of a performance.

We are happy to present to you the live version of Clara Chung’s “Offbeat” from ProjectKorea III. It’s seriously one of my favorite songs of the moment and if you’re feeling it too we highly encourage you to support the girl and buy the studio version! It’s only a buck!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the track and be sure to catch Ms Chung live if you ever get the chance. It’s definitely worth it.

Link after the break.

Get it HERE!

One thought on “WTF: Clara Chung – Offbeat (Live at ProjectKorea III 4-3-2010)

  1. love your blog! thanks for the DL! I recently became Fan of Clara C! awesome girl and she become my inspiration. ^^

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