WTF: Bandcamp x Map The Soul (Kero x Tablo x MYK)

I think Bandcamp has been one of the greatest web 2.0 type of sites to come along for the independent music industry. It provides instant, easy access free of the limitations and restrictions of your typical online music distributors and allows artists and fans alike more choices. It’s likely the reason why you see so many artists featured on this site choosing to spread their music through band camp, with prices that vary from free to whatever you want to pay and everything in between.

But a Weekly Thursday Freebie wouldn’t be a freebie if you had to give up a McChicken for a track would it? That’s why we decided to go 100% legit this week and show you a few offerings from some artists that are either in or affiliated with Map the Soul. That’s right folks, it’s time for some music from Kero One, Tablo and MYK.

There are three offerings available at the moment. All the songs can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link in their respective players.

Kero has got his collab with Anan Ryoko, the beautiful Hip-Hop ballad “Forever We Will Be”.

Tablo x MYK offer a joint song called ” S​.​O​.​B. (Shittin’ On Beats)”.

And lastly Tablo offers up a slightly meatier offering in the form of a 5-track EP called The FREEbeehive.

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