Lil Crazed Drops the Chapter 2: Famine Mixtape

One of the new generation of Youtube rappers, Lil Crazed has just dropped a mixtape entitled Chapter 2: Famine. There are 14 unreleased tracks along with a handful of bonus joints that have been previously released. You can find features from the usual suspects like D-Pryde, J. Reyez, Skip, Dee and Trixx along with participation from Krystle Cruz, Summerbreeze, IBU and a bunch more. Haven’t heard it yet but it’s a lot of music, so if you’re playlist has been looking kinda stale lately there’s a bunch of new music here for you.

You can DL it HERE for free.

Track List:

  1. DJ Drama Drop
  2. My Life Is Like a Mixtape
  3. We Landed – ft. D-Pryd
  4. Here We G
  5. I Should Be Your Man ft. Trixx and IB
  6. To Infinity and Beyond ft. A-Lo
  7. So Gone ft. Trixx and Dee
  8. The Life ft. J. Reyez
  9. I’m Back ft. JC
  10. By Your Side ft. Krystle Cruz
  11. 2012 ft. Micah B.
  12. K.i.D Cypher Round 1 ft. Dee, Trixx, Skip, J. Reyez, Sunny P., BenJamz
  13. Lovers and Friends ft. Trixx and Skip
  14. Living Lavish ft. Ramzo
  15. Bonus

  16. Come Back ft. Ahmir
  17. Patron, Goose, and Henny ft. BenJamz
  18. Hey Soul Sister ft. Jason Chen, Marc the Sharc, and Summer Breeze
  19. Tie Me Down ft. Skip and Maribelle Anes
  20. Airplanes ft. Lisa Lavie

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