Melissa Polinar Shares New Single – “Perfectly Distracted”

The Texan belle, Melissa Polinar, has posted up a new original song on youtube called ‘Perfectly Distracted’. Her jazzy, raspy vocals add a lot of flavor to this acoustic ditty that has a sweet, laid back type of vibe. I think this one has a lot of potential and would love to hear it properly tracked in a studio with better mixing. This girl is not your average youtube singer, and it’s refreshing whenever she decides to drop an original gem like this.

Lyrics after the break.

no strings just living alone and free
so happy there’s nothing i really need
ever since you came around i can finally be
anyone but me

maybe its crazy and i’m acting a fool
but i like the way we match and i’m perfectly –
i’m perfectly distracted by you
looking back at me like you do
i’ve got you distracted too

lost in the wonder of all things new
attraction covering up the truth
hidden pictures of the messes that I’ve been through
all i see is you

everywhere I go
no matter what I do – I keep missing you
don’t mean to sound too cliche
open up the gates
not even sure if I can meet halfway
all I know i – just can’t think straight (’cause)

nothing’s gonna get in my way
I’m totally committed to this disarray

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