Lil Crazed x Jargon x Dee x Phlip x Sunny P x Micah B Release “K.i.D. Cypher Round 2”

Lil Crazed has started a monthly series called the “K.i.D. Cypher” where he gets a bunch of people from his crew to spit some verses and invites a special guest or two each time. Already in it’s second month (we missed out on the first one), this one has Crazed opening it up with Jargon, Dee, Phlip, Sunny P and Micah B following. As with the majority of posse cuts, some of these artists are definitely more talented than others. This time around the better verses seemed to bookend the track with the more generic ones towards the middle. I’m loving the concept of the idea but would be even more excited to see some of these dudes step their game up or for a line up of only top notch MC’s. But I guess that’s the dilemma of any crew… just look at Young Money.

You can DL the track here.

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