Lil Crazed x Erin Paula Remix “Dilemma”

Wow, this is a blast from the past. Let’s take it back 8 years, when I was in college there was a song that was popular by Nelly and then Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. Flash forward to today and two prominent youtube faces have decided to join forces and remix this throwback hit. Lil Crazed enlisted the help of Erin Paula for this track and it ain’t half bad. It’s just as poppy and light as the original but that’s not a bad thing. You can DL it for free here.

Lyrics after the jump.

~i know you got a man, i know he got a plan,
to roll the TOWN AND COUNTRY with you like a SOCCER VAN,
and take you to places that you aint ever seen,
but me, i’ll take you to places that you aint ever dreamed,
cuz see, who you go to when you cry at night,
even december 25th aint a silent night,
so when the timing’s right, you know where to go,
get a “remote” hold, put yourself back in “control”,
and take a look at yourself because you deserve more,
when you give him the “wave”, i’ll be waiting on a surf board
and we ride while your ex stays back
cuz the two of you aint right (write) like when lil wayne raps

~when you’re laying right next to he, you’re still texting me,
relationship is dead but u can’t rest in peace,
so i dont understand while you still with the man,
a lotta fish in the sea but you’re blocked, damn (dam)
it’s not that you prefer him, it’s cuz you don’t wanna hurt him,
but i don’t know of a person, that would rather hear a lie,
because i’m sure that he’d rather hear goodbye,
then to get the truth someday and hear about a guy
“no matter what i do” — i’m still there for you,
and when you dive off his plane, i’m your parachute,
take care of you, and do it happily
and turn that smiley face text right into reality

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