Janice & Sonia Perform for KACMedia

Janice & Sonia have made a name for themselves singing on Youtube, winning fans over with their great voices and cute Aussie accents. But one thing I always wished more from the twins was more original material and today my wish was granted. During a recent tour trip to the states the girls dropped by KACMedia and recorded a quick live performance for them. They performed two originals, “How Can I Not?” and “Amazed By You”, both songs of faith. The girls sound great and I hope they continue to share their original tunes!

YouTube sensations, Jayesslee are featured in this episode. Jayesslee are Korean Australian sisters (twins) that have really taken YouTube by storm with their covers and original songs. They were in Los Angeles for a one night concert and were able to drop by the studio to film this episode. They performed their original songs “How Can I Not?” and “Amazed By You”. Also if you enjoy this episode, keep a lookout for our show “Testimonials” where they share their powerful story. Don’t miss it!!

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