Gerald Ko Shares New Original Song – “The Parade”

Gerald Ko (aka Singingdork888) has been kinda quiet for a while but he’s returned from his little hiatus with a new original he calls “The Parade”. I like the melody and arrangement but the vocals in this take could take some dirtying up with more edge and grit. It’s got a Gavin DeGraw type of feel to it. I’d like to hear him track a studio version of this with time to rough up the singing a little.

Lyrics after the break.

I got hands to feel, to hold, to work, to let go, of what I don’t need
ears to hear the mean, the kind, and the necessary evil
eyes to see, the good the bad and the ugly, and the other way around
mouth to speak, to sing, to shout out everything inside

I might trip, I might fall
On my way To the end of this roll call
I just hope you’re there when they finally take the blindfold off
Oh the order’s mighty tall
I don’t even know my way at all
I just need an indication that I’m on my way to u oh
Cuz you’re the only thing that matters
Is you oh, You’re the only thing that matters

there’s so many different ways to see the light even when you think it’s black and white my friend, jimmy tell me this and billy tell me that and then I never heard from them again,
tell you what I’m gonna do is put my hands in my pocket and my money on the ground
and keep on walkin where the signpost seems to fade and leave the whole parade on main street goin

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