The Wonder Girls Interview w/ MTV Iggy

MTV Iggy went behind the scenes on one of their photo shoots and got to ask each member questions one on one. It’s pretty crazy how much their has improved over a short period of time. The girls are definitely working hard and I oculdn’t help but notice how genuinely tired and homesick Sohee appeared to be. I hope they are able to all get some downtime and rest soon! Although they are the most successful Korean crossover group so far, no one can say it came easy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Wonder Girls arrived in New York City in May and answered all our burning questions — in English! Lim, the Wonder Girl’s newest member talks about how she’s been fitting in and Yubin dances to 2PM’s “Heartbeat”. You can hear all the girls show off their fluent English skills, and catch sneak peeks of the Summer of Fun photoshoot. Make sure you watch until the end though — Sun forgets someone very important! For more on the Wonder Girls, visit their artist profile.

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