Wong Fu Announces ISA 2010 in LA and NY

There’s really not much I can say that isn’t said in their official announcement so I’ll let you read it below!

Get ready everyone, ISA 2010 is coming soon. And this time… BOTH coasts can get excited. That’s right. For the first time since we started the International Secret Agents concerts in 2008, we’re taking it out of California with two concerts in one week!

Mark your calendars!

ISA New York City – August 28th
ISA Los Angeles – September 5th

Venues, tickets, times, performers…all that info will be announced as time gets closer, for now, get excited and pass on the news. Tickets have not gone on sale yet.

This is a really big deal for us. We started this concert series in 2008 with our bros Far East Movement. Never really thought it’d catch on the way it has, but because of your support and enthusiasm to see the artists, we’ve had 3 sold out shows (LA08, SF09, LA09). And now for the first time we’re expanding to another city. In the future we hope to take it to more cities, but this is just our first step. Something else that’s new is this two show format. In the past, we’ve always handled one concert at a time, but this year, we’re planning two concerts two weekends in a row. It’s a lotta work, and stress, but you know that for WF and FM, it’s totally worth it when we see your faces smiling in the crowd and and hear the cheers.

We’re doing all we can to make ISA 2010 bigger and better, so hope to see you there!

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