As One Comes Back Strong in KPOP

The Korean-American duo who has been a part of the KPOP landscape for a decade has come back with a new single entitled ‘Sonnet’ and it quickly rose to the top of many real-time charts. I’ve been a huge fan of these girl’s sweet voices since their debut and though they’ve somewhat faded from the spotlight I’m glad they can still make an impact and stay relevant. Congrats to them!

Coming back with a new single, veteran duo As One breaks out on top and is currently up #1 on various music charts.

According to their agency IK Entertainment, their new single ‘Sonnet’ is up #1 on various music real time charts like Soribada, Bugs, and etc.
In the midst of all the popular idol groups, this is incredible since the duo hasn’t been musically active since their release of the single last year. Their music video has also been garnering interests on various video portal sites like Youtube, MGoon etc. Congratulations As One!

You can watch their video after the break.

Source: Bump This!

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