Lilian Bui Performs “Sound the Alarm”

I’m loving this clip of Lilian Bui performing in the streets of DC. She is starting up a new video series where she’ll capture impromptu performances and is kicking it off with her original piece entitled “Sound the Alarm”. That girl really knows how to utilize her uke and sounds great. You can look for this song on her debut album, tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

Why confine music to the great indoors when you can take the show on the road? Therein lies the concept of this video and the subsequent ones to follow in the “Lily Bee To-Go” video series (i.e. A chance for me to take my silliness to the streets!) Special thank you to Don Kim and Ominous Ellipses Productions for helping make this video concept a reality. It could not have been done without you! (Apologies for the glitch in the middle of the video. We were operating on low camera battery, so there is a slight hiccup halfway through.)

Featuring original song “Sound the Alarm,” which will be included in the upcoming Lily Bee album after summer 2010 (with my fingers crossed)! I started writing this song in January and finally finished it this month after mulling over some verses. It’s a song about letting go of your inhibitions and sounding the alarm for others to make the best out of life and living!

Hope you guys enjoy, and thank you so much for listening! Thank you for coming back to visit, all your kind comments (especially those of you who personally reach out to me), and for spread the word about my music! I am endlessly grateful and blessed.

Aloha, and there is always more music to come!

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