Jane Lui Releases New Original – “Southern Winds”

Jane Lui, who has been hard at work on her next album, has posted up a new song called “Southern Winds” coupled with some video footage from her recent trip to Europe. The song has a real classical feel to it that seems like it was taken straight out of a musical. It’s actually quite refreshing! She’s such a versatile artist and it’s songs like this that continue to prove it. It’s available as a free DL!

Lyrics after the jump!

Many are the hearts that seek love
Plenty are the days to learn, love
Windy are the days, may be, love
May you always sing of this love

Southern Winds are blowin’
May it be calm or cruel
Time I have, to love you
Love we shall with care
Won’t you keep me safe, always safe,
safe in here – if only here.

How long is given to us lovers chosen?
In your arms I’ll sleep, love
From your arms to heaven

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