Mike Isberto Sings “Awake All Night”

The very talented acoustic singer Mike Isberto is back with a new song called “Awake All Night”. It’s a real slow number but it fits Mike’s style very well, giving us the opportunity to hear the soft nuances in his voice. He may not be a vocal power house but he knows how to use his voice. In my opinion this guy needs to step away from the webcam and release some new studio material!

Lyrics after the break.

I wanna stay awake all night
becuase it already feels like a dream
And I don’t have to worry about
Waking up without you next to me
And I’ve pinched myself twice
Just to see if I would wake up
From this feeling,
but no I didn’t
Cuz it was real and….

I’m ready to give up dreaming
No more need for just hoping
No more wishing on shooting stars cuz
You’re everything that I needed
And you were here all along
Who would have thought
that I would give up dreaming

some people say they’re scared of the dark
as for me there’s just one reason
i just hate to think another day is done
cuz i don’t want to close my eyes
it just doesn’t feel right
to not be spending that time
looking into yours

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