WTF: Shin-B – “See You There” & “I’m Ill”

OK, so WTF is beginning to stray more and more from being a Weekly Thursday Freebie, but until I think of another fun acronym we’ll continue to give you some free material now and then.  For this installment we got two new tracks from Shin-B, who continues to release songs and snippets here and there as her September album release date for Three Choices approaches. Her most recent drops are the songs “See You There” & “I’m Ill”. I’m really digging a lot of the style and direction choices Shin-B has been making lately, including both of these tracks. On SYT, she get’s a little more experimental, mixing in different genre’s of music. I’m Ill is a more traditional hip-hop track, but the beat is pretty sick too. You can stream/DL the tracks via the widgets below. Click the song titles to view the lyrics.

See You There

I’m Ill

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