WTF: The Asian Hip Hop Connect Vol. 1 Mixtape

A few weeks back, our friends over at Asian Hip-Hop Times dropped a new mixtape called the Asian Hip Hop Connect Vol.1.  It features talent from all over the world including some folks that are frequently featured here at a-Tunes. You can find tracks from Kato, Triangle Offense, Doc Whisper, Virus44, IZ, Jackie Chain, ND, Kenji Astro and more! The quality varies but there are definitely a few gems on here. And since it’s free I recommend you check it our for yourself and keep the track’s you’re feeling!

Back cover, tracklist, and download link after the break.

Track Listing:

01 Ghost Styles – Love Affair feat. Maggie Hou
02 Kato – Love
03 Triangle Offense – Rock With You
04 Noah – Look at Me
05 DTM – In My Mind
06 Doc Whisper – Cultural Bastards feat Virus44
07 IZ – On My Feet
08 Lisha – Jump like your Heatbeat feat Khmer Kid
09 Smokes – Dollaz Feat Tone Trump
10 MicWrecka Support Bro feat SSK
11 Sbazzo – Rain Dropz feat Manchuker
12 Jackie Chain – Haze
13 Young Hustlers  – West Coast Poppin’
14 ND – All I Wanna Do
15 Nah – My Last Song
16 Lon  – New Sound
17 Geniuz F 三二七的殺機 (無聊咪做歌 Pt. 2)
18 Na-T, Kenji Astro, TB亂流 & L.I.  – Comfortable Wind (Kenji Club Remix)

You can DL the mixtape HERE, courtesy of AHHT!

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