Jin Sets Up “Fill the Beats” Contest

In light of the requests of producers wanted to make beats for Jin, he’s now throwing a contest to all the producers out there! The winning beat? He or she will have an opportunity to produce a track on Jin’s new album. Fans now can delight in two things: 1) a fan will have an awesome chance to produce a track and 2) that Jin will have a new album coming out! For details, check below:

Enter the Ayojin.com “Fill in the Beats” contest to drop your beats and add your own color to Jin’s “Angels.”

1. Download the video and acapella files.

Download: Jin Angels Video

Download: Jin Angels A’capella

2. Sync up your beats to the acapella file.

3. Get creative with the video. Use the black and white video file with your own original pictures or videos.

4. Sync your track to the video.

5. Upload the final product onto YouTube as a response video to Jin’s “Angels” music video, labeled “JIN Fill in the Beats Contest.”

6. Subcribe to “CatchAdventures” on YouTube and tag “Catch Adventures” on your video.

Contest starts Wednesday, July 21, 2010 and ends Sunday, August 29, 2010.

Jin will announce the winner on AyoJin TV YouTube channel – and drop the first song off his upcoming English album on Saturday, September 4, 2010 via Catch Adventures YouTube channel.

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