Paul Dateh Mashes Up DJ Shadow & Classic Jazz

I definitely consider Paul Dateh to be one of the most creative artists out there and this video only reinforces that notion. He’s taken DJ Shadow’s “Midnight” and mashed it up with the Jazz classic “Round Midnight” and created a really cool, moody, slick Hip-Hop vibe. Catch the behind the scenes footage over at his website. You can DL the track here for free as well.

Hear the original works that inspired this mashup:

DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World…

Thelonious Monk – ‘Round Midnight (as performed by Ella Fitzgerald)…

Lyrics after the break.

memories always start, always start ’round midnight
it begins to tell i’m out my mind
it gets really bad ’round midnight
when my heart is still with you
and ol’ midnight knows it, too

when the memories start
to stand those memories i haven’t got the heart
and i’m out my mind
it begins to tell ’round midnight

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