Hydroponikz Releases the “Can’t Afford Beats” Mixtape

Hydro has his plate full with multiple projects set for release later this year but that doesn’t mean he can’t drop a little freebie mixtape. With that he brings us the “Can’t Afford Beats” mixtape. It’s just a little collection of tracks to hold us over until the official new material is out. DL the mixtape here for free.

I present: “Can’t Afford Beats”, a 100% FREE collection of tracks that I’ve done for fun over the past year. These include warm up, practice verses, as well as lines that ended up being discarded from my upcoming album.

While you may have heard some of these songs before, I guarantee at least 4 tracks will be completely new to you.

1. Know What I Mean
2. Repercussions
3. Rock Co
4. Nothin’ On You ft. Deep Foundation & Anika
5. Speakin’
6. Chillin’
7. Goin’ Back
8. Lady
9. Interlude
10. BL&R ft. Tainted Avengers (Snow Season ’10)

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