Decipher Interviews w/ Ancor & Co

Philly’s resident MC, Decipher, has got a new interview out with Ancor & Co where they cover a lot of the basics along with some interesting tidbits and mention of what’s to come in the near future. I recommend the read if you got a few minutes as it’s not too long. You can check it out in full after the break or by making the jump to Ancor & Co directly.

anCor: Whats is your name and where are you from?

Decipher: My name is Decipher and I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I named myself that because “the cipher” was always a welcoming place for me. Whether it be a smoking cipher where we’re passing a blunt or a freestyle cipher where we’re being blunt. Also, in my music I try to break down, explain, decode, and “decipher” what may not seem so easy to understand at times. Wordplay comes natural to me.

anCor: Who introduced you to the music industry?

Decipher: I didn’t have anyone directly next to me that’s done what I was setting out to do. Everyone around me was just as new to this as I was so there wasn’t anybody to introduce us to the game. We had to introduce ourselves. The initiative was taken but we’re still learning as we go along and as difficult as it is I feel the people around me pride ourselves on being self-made.

anCor: Was there anyone in your life that has been there for you since you started your music career?

Decipher: I didn’t start doing music knowing that it would become a career but it’s amazing to look around and see a lot of the same people that have been there from the start. Goes to show you that a love for music is just as serious as any other. Johnnyphlo has been there since he was just John Jung. He used to mix records for me and listening back on those early records it humbling to say the least. He’s now a respectable artist in his own right so that shows how much we’ve grown. Ailee is another artist that I’ve watched grow from watching a 10 second clip of her singing at her church to travelling internationally to showcase her talents. Excited to see where we are in the near future!

anCor: Describe your style of rapping? What do you believe makes you stand out from the rest?

Decipher: I like to consider myself more on the lyrical tip. Even when I started writing and recording I knew that what lacked was delivery because I focused so much on lyrics and not much else. As I’m growing as an artist I’m learning the skills I need to become well rounded in all aspects so bear with me! Also, being lyrical to me doesn’t necessarily mean crazy rhyme schemes or a unique flow. I respect the potency of the words. I might even find it more admirable if an artist cause use less words that carry more potency to express what he’s trying to say.

anCor: In your current city that you reside in, do you believe it is hard to build a good fan base? Why or why not?

Decipher: I love Philadelphia. Maybe not everybody loves me back but I feel like a certain community has to respect it at the very least. As an Asian-American artist there are only a few of us doing it at all let alone in my city. I’m trying to be a face and a figure to represent for the city and people. Those who do know what I do and respect it show their love and I love them back 100x fold and I will continue to.

anCor: Do you ever do anything special for your fans?

Decipher: Everything I do is because of the support. This entertainment business is a two way street. I need to feel the love to show love back. Just a week ago I had a show in Dallas, Texas and the sound was literally the worst sound I’ve ever experienced at a show. I know the crowd feels my lack of enthusiasm because that’s what I’m getting from that as well. I can’t ask for much more because the sound was just that bad. But through the frustration I still hear someone in the front row screaming “One of them Days!” which is one of my more popular tracks but a very mellow, somber one at that and we were at a club show. Nonetheless, I felt the need to do what I can for someone that knew my music and stuck by my set even though the sound was horrible. Shout out to homeboy from Dallas for reminding me I do it for the love!

anCor: When you first started out in the music industry, did you ever think you would have advanced this far?

Decipher: I always wanted it and envisioned but the necessary steps to get there were so unclear. But now every time I’m on a plane to go to a show or see a huge crowd in front of me or even see views and comments on youtube it amazes me what I’ve accomplished. It also always humbles me to know how much further I have to go.

anCor: What is your outlook on the current Hip-Hop scene? (mainstream)

Decipher: I’m not one of those guys that subscribe to the idea that Hip Hop is dead. You might have to search harder to find the music that you appreciate but it is there and thriving I promise. I always hear people saying certain artists are garbage but I respect and listen to almost everything. Gucci Mane isn’t the most lyrical MC but I’m not trying to dance and get wasted to Atmosphere. You need both ends of the spectrum to balance everything out.

anCor: Where do you want your music career to be in the next year?

Decipher: My newest album will be out in a few months so that should be circulating well by then and I hope to be doing shows very consistently and just seeing our ideas and hard work come into fruition. I don’t want to dream too much. I’d rather work and see where it takes me. Success is based on repetition so I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing but let’s hope it moves faster and higher.

anCor: Do you currently have any music in circulation?

Decipher: Expect great things from my new album THE EFFECT dropping late summer of 2010. You can download my free mix tape The Best Things In Life Vol. 1 at in the music section right now. You can also download remixes I’ve done on my youtube channel which is also just search “decipher” on youtube to see some other work I’ve done with other artists.

anCor: Any words of wisdom?

Decipher: Expect the best but plan for the worst. Keep your hopes high but know that you must work for those dreams and nothing will be handed to you. If it was, the victory would not be as sweet and I’m ready to win.

Shout Outs: Muzo of course! Beautiful Cycle! Anybody supporting the music and anybody that eventually will.

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