Legaci Interviews w/ NorthJersey.com

The incredibly talented R&B group Legaci just had an interview posted on NorthJersey.com, written by none other than singer/songwriter Alfa Garcia. It’s a short read but they drop a lot of tidbits on what it’s been like since they started touring with Justin, along with a few hints of possible things to come. Make sure to check it out either after the break or directly at NJ.

Legaci is a San Francisco-based a cappella group that started in the late ’90s when high schoolers Micah Tolentino and Jason “Jaymill” Atencion decided to arrange harmonies for songs they loved. Inspired by Boyz II Men, Jodeci and other R&B groups from the decade, the group grew into a five-piece, first singing at private events and birthday parties. In 2007, the group began posting songs on YouTube in an effort to expand their fan base beyond their home state.

“We really wanted to take this more seriously, really push hard on the music,” says Chris Abad, 28, who joined six years ago. The group is rounded out by Delfin Lazaro and Dominic Manuel. “We decided to do a YouTube cover a week and just see what happens from there.”

In March Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, caught wind of the group’s cover of Bieber’s hit “Baby” just two days after the video was posted. Soon the group was on a plane bound for New York to become the teen star’s backup singers.

LIVING THE DREAM: “Oh man, it’s been really incredible. It just happened so fast,” says Abad, speaking from San Francisco during a four-day break. “One minute we’re in the living room singing YouTube videos and recording. The next minute they’re flying us to New York.”

Legaci’s rigorous schedule consists of weekly TV and radio spots with Bieber — singing on TV shows like Oprah and David Letterman and radio stations like New York City’s Z100 — and supporting Bieber on his “My World” tour. The group, singing four-strong as Atencion is currently on leave, gets to sing a short set of its own during each tour stop.

“We’re definitely enjoying every moment of it,” says Abad, who had never traveled outside of California and Nevada prior to joining Bieber’s tour. Now he has traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada.

UNSIGNED TALENT: Despite the high-profile gig, Legaci is unsigned and self-managed, though Abad says their connection with Braun has opened up opportunities for their future.

“Justin’s manager has taken us in, in a way,” says Abad, who says plans are in the works for recording. “Right now we’re just focused on this tour … but the management may have plans for us to be our own entity, rather than just backing up Justin. We can’t wait to see what comes out of this tour.”

BIEBER FEVER: Despite Bieber’s mammoth star power, Abad says the young performer is just a prankster at heart.

“During the show, when we sing our own a cappella medley, he talks to us in our in-ear monitors and [tries] to mess us up,” Abad says. “And while we sing, he tries to sing with us too [on the in-ear monitors]. Or he’ll start water balloon fights … he’s a 16-year-old kid so he has a lot of energy. He’s always joking around.”

INCREASED EXPOSURE: While Legaci’s YouTube following was already 50,000 strong prior to catching Braun and Bieber’s attention, they’ve gained 40,000 subscribers and counting since jumping onboard the tour.

“That’s the power of the Internet. That’s the power of Bieber,” Abad says.

HEAR THEM AT: youtube.com/user/legaci.

— Alfa Garcia

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