City Boy x Tousher Drop the MV for ‘KISS U’

You may know City Boy from the various collabs that he’s been involved in that we’ve posted up. He’s part of a group of urban artists on the come up, a new school of Hip-Hop if you will. He’s joined up with a singer named Tousher for their single “KISS U” off his mixtape “D.E.R.E.Z.”, which apparently received some spins on Arizona radio. Here is the MV they put together for it. In terms of production quality it’s decently done. That being said, I’m not sure how old these fellas are but they def look on the young side. And in the inclusion of seemingly jail bait girls all over the video made me a bit uncomfortable. Like the track? DL it here, or DL the whole mixtape here. Kids grow up to fast nowadays.

3 thoughts on “City Boy x Tousher Drop the MV for ‘KISS U’

  1. How are these kids (no offence) getting represented on A-Tunes, when AM Kidd hasn’t at all once been covered. He just recently dropped his second album “Gotta Love Me”. You guys seriously need to check him out.

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