Clara Chung Interviews w/ AAM

Clara Chung was recently featured as one of Angry Asian Man’s angry reader of the week. These features are typically on the shorter side and this one is no different so you have no excuse for not checking it out =P. On a related note, I love Clara’s sense of humor. Read the short article […]

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Dan aka Dan & Kevin Lien Remix Lupe’s “Fighters” for Turtlist Media

You should check out this dope cover/remix of Lupe Fiasco’s “Fighters” featuring afterschoolspecial’s Dan aka Dan and singer Kevin Lien. I’m realy digging this acoustic rendition, it totally flips the vibe of the track. Dan & Kevin make a pretty decent team, I hope they link up for some official original studio material too. [update] […]

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Kina Grannis Interviews w/ PopEater

Kina Grannis continues to gain fans and seems to perpetually be on the cusp of blowing up into America’s mainstream conciousness. PopEater seems to agree and has chosen to do a feature interview with her. Of particular note they discuss the importance of her family, her experience with Lilith Fair and her advice to aspiring […]

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